We’ll be discussing three of the best free marketing tools, and how they’re used to acquire, convert, and retain customers. Today’s world has seen the exponential rise of online marketing. After all, why should the consumer leave the comfort of their home when almost everything is readily available online? This poses a great challenge for online marketers. How do we increase online awareness to cater to these consumers, and how can we effectively market our product and services to them? Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, these online tools will help you to grab the attention of your target market.


The Best Free Marketing Tools


Real-Time Analytics: Google Analytics



What is by far the most used analytics engine on the planet. Google Analytics is utilized by millions of websites today to track visitors and study behavior on a website. It’s also used for creating campaigns, goals, and creating custom report data.


In order to help users to successfully navigate and understand their program, Google created the “ABC’s,” which stand for Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion.


  • Acquisition: How do you acquire users? How many users you are acquiring? Where you are obtaining them from?
  • Behavior goes into how users behave on the site. Are they leaving the website after a certain page? How long are they staying on the page? What landing pages are the most popular? How are users interacting with the website in general? These are all questions that are answered within the Behavior tab in Google Analytics.
  • Under Conversion, we’re looking at whether users are taking the desired action on your website. Are they purchasing your product or service? Are they submitting their contact information before making any decisions? Conversions are set by the marketers, and Google Analytics has all the tools to help you measure your KPIs.

The best part about this marketing tool? Google is giving you access to one of the most powerful analytics engines, all for free.


Email Marketing: MailChimp




When it comes to your return on investment (ROI), email marketing produces one of the highest rates compared to other digital marketing platforms. With MailChimp, although there are paid versions that you can upgrade to, you have a free, powerful tool that allows you to track and perform multiple marketing functions such as:

  • 2,000 email list subscribers
  • 12,000 emails per month
  • Single-step automation
  • Basic CRM functions like audience segments and contact profiles
  • Utilizing marketing channels to acquire, convert, and retain potential customers
    • Email
    • Website landing pages
    • Social Media
    • Postcards
  • Ability to create basic reports with smart recommendations


Social Media Marketing: Hootsuite


If you’re running a business, there is no excuse for you not to have a social media presence. Unfortunately, the amount of information thrown at you by Facebook and Instagram Insights won’t allow you to make informed marketing decisions like what time to share your posts, what types of posts to you need, etc. Even with all this, it doesn’t take into consideration the engagement you would have to achieve to keep your fans and customers happy.


Hootsuite aims to solve the problem by creating a centralized platform to track pretty much everything necessary to keep your social media game at its peak. When downloaded, you’ll be able to take a walk through of the program to get familiar with the arrangement of the dashboard. Like MailChimp, there are features you need to upgrade and pay for, but the free version is more than enough for most people. It includes:


  • Ability to publish posts immediately
  • Track your feed
  • Take actions on your page such as likes, comments, shares, etc.
  • Schedule posts
  • View basic analytics
  • Integration with third party apps for social media


These are all free marketing tools that might prove to be essential to your business. Not using them might make your job as a marketer or small business owner harder than it has to be.


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Google Analytics is utilized by millions of websites today to track visitors and study behavior on a website.

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Email marketing produces one of the highest ROI rates compared to other digital marketing platforms

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