How to Create an Effective Facebook Advertisement


Written by Kunal Sharma

October 29, 2019

If you’re running a brand, simply posting on Facebook isn’t enough to get your content viewed anymore. This is especially true if your brand is just starting out. On the other hand, blindly throwing money towards a Facebook advertisement isn’t going to get you tangible results either. 

I’ll be showing you how to create a Facebook advertisement that effectively market your message as well as how you can be writing messages that will convert potential customers. 

Why does Facebook advertising work so well?

One of the key reasons that Facebook’s ad service works so well is how you can target your audience. Facebook’s ad targeting is by far the best of any platform. 

You can get extremely specific with the type of audience you want to reach on Facebook. If you’re selling a website builder, like Done., you can target small business owners, people who visit your website, and people who are interested in related subjects. 

A few methods you can use to target audiences on Facebook:

Custom Audiences 
Setting up a custom audience allows you to target your audience by setting who you want to target. This is generally used for existing audiences/leads. 


Target your audience by city, state, country, etc.

Target whether you want to target males or females. 

Target based on behaviors such as website visits, Facebook page visits, etc.

Target based on interests set on Facebook. Can include anything from video games to fitness.

Target people who already like your page as well as their friends. 

Strategies to use for writing the best Facebook advertisement


Create a CTA that’s simple and clear

When it comes to Facebook advertisements, there are ads that are designed for brand awareness, and ads that are designed for direct response. Both are extremely valuable to your company, but you shouldn’t be trying to combine the two together unless you really know what you’re doing. 

Your ad should have a very clear message that gives the viewer a reason to engage with your CTA.

Here’s an example of an ad from Instagram that has a simple message with a clear CTA. You can see that the ad tells you that your Instagram ads can reach thousands of people, and asks you to create an ad directly from the link. It’s short enough for you to quickly read and gives you a compelling reason to engage with the CTA. 

Here’s another example of a great CTA from Starbucks. There’s a very clear message of their new drink releasing for the spring season, and to swipe up on their story so that the viewer can try it out. 

So what’s the biggest takeaway? Decide on a simple action that you want your audience to take. Here are a few tips from Hootsuite’s social media marketing funnel

Awareness: create ads that boost followers, link to other pieces of content, or anything that can increase your brand awareness.

these ads should be created when you want your page to be shared or get more comments/mentions.

this type of ad will have a clear CTA for you to follow.

focused on actions that will drive viewers to purchase a product, visit your website, or whatever the marketer views as a conversion. 

Instagram ad on Facebook Stories for Instagram’s ad business

Starbucks ad on Facebook’s Story feature


Keep your Facebook advertisement concise, show your value

When you’re creating your Facebook advertisement, you may be tempted to fit as much material as you possibly can. Unfortunately, you only have a few seconds to make an impression with your ad, so you need to keep the ad short and lead with value. 

You need to show the customer exactly how your product/service is going to be of use and how it can help them. Keep these things as your main focus when you’re writing your copy. Above all, you should be presenting these in a clear and concise manner. 

Slack did a great job following this rule in the ad above. The message is clear and straight to the point, and they present the value of their product right there in the image. Not only that, but it presents the product in a fun, carefree manner, which helps to capture the eye of the viewer. 

Slack ad


Make your Facebook advertisement easy to understand with simple language

There’s absolutely no need for you to go full Shakespeare in your copy. When writing out the copy, you should keep in mind that even a 10 year old should be able to decipher what you’re trying to say. 

When someone sees your ad, they should learn:
– Your offering
– How it can benefit them
– What to do next


Use visuals

Although this is a fairly obvious point, it bears repeating that visuals greatly increase the chance of engagement with your audience. That’s not the only benefit, Facebook’s algorithms view ads with visuals a lot more favorably than text based ads. 


Write a headline that has a conversational tone

Your headline shouldn’t be sounding like a sales pitch. Doing that is only going to ensure that people will actively avoid your Facebook ad. A good headline can be a witty phrase, a product benefit, or a small anecdote. One thing to note is that your headline should be listing your benefits, never the features. Your audience will see how the product can help them all while gaining awareness of your brand.

You’ll find that the best kinds of ads have a headline that sounds relaxed and natural. Again, you don’t want to be bombarding your viewers with a ton of information and drive them away. 

This ad from Dollar Shave Club sets a great example of how your ad should be conversational and relaxed in nature. Another thing to note is that it sort of pokes fun at the companies who make different razors for either gender by saying that their razors work for both genders. 

Why is this important? The messaging itself opens Dollar Shave Club to an entirely new audience, without launching a new product. It also establishes Dollar Shave Club as a company that aligns itself with society’s values, and that’s a very powerful tool. Likewise, your Facebook ad’s messaging can be a major selling point that also allows your company to show how it differentiates itself from others. 

Dollar Shave Club Facebook Ad


Run A/B tests for your Facebook advertisement

There’s really only one way for you to improve your ads, and that’s by running tests. The good thing is Facebook allows you to spend small quantities of money to run A/B tests. 

Try to run a Facebook ad with the same image, but a different message, or vice versa. Which one is performing better? Does one get more likes and comments than the other? 

Done. ran an A/B test to attract visitors to their website. Note how the image stays the same but the copy is different. The headline, caption, and description are all different in the two tests. That’s because an A/B test with too many variables might make you miss out on selecting the text that is most effective, before changing the image.

Once the tests are running, all they need to do is wait a set amount of days to see which one performs better.

Concluding thoughts

Ultimately, the best Facebook ad ends with the viewer making a purchase. You as a marketer need to make sure that you’re gathering all the necessary components to create an amazing ad, and a strong copy is the most essential part of your Facebook ad. 

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