Due to strong international demand, Done will now be offering services outside of the United States. However, the company’s mission will remain focused on resolving increased market consolidation in the United States by offering low-cost web development services tailored to American small and medium size businesses.

International Customer Service
While international customers have been able to order Done’s services since the beginning of October 2019, Done has recently opened a UK customer service phone line for UK and EU customers. Domestic phone lines for additional English-speaking countries will be added over the coming months. By adding local and national customer service phone lines, customers in those countries will be able to contact Done’s customer support team without incurring international call fees.

Support for additional languages
Done will over the coming years begin to offer our services in multiple languages, including donedot.com and the order process itself, our copywriting services, and customer support. However, as our services continue to primarily target the U.S. market, English will remain the only supported widely used international language. Therefore, we expect English-speaking nations to benefit the most from Done’s services until support for other languages are added. Global SMBs in non-English speaking nations will, of course, still benefit from our services, particularly when used in combination with our Multi-Lingual Website premium add-on feature.

However, to evaluate the international potential of Done’s services, support for one additional language will be available starting today (Nov 6, 2019): Norwegian. Both Done’s own website, copywriting services, and customer support will be offered in Norwegian.

Support for new currencies
To better accommodate international customers, Done will also be launching support for additional currencies, beginning with Norwegian Krone (NOK), followed by the British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollars (AUD), Indian Rupees (INR), Canadian Dollars (CAD), and the common European currency Euro (EUR). Support for NOK is available starting today (Nov 6, 2019), while support all of the other currencies mentioned will be rolled out over the coming months.

By offering our services in additional currencies, we’re able to offer predictable pricing for international customers, independent of currency exchange rates.

What does this mean for you?

  1. If you’re a current international customer and wish to change your plan to another currency, please contact our customer support team.
  2. If your country of origin is using one of the currencies we will begin supporting in the coming months, and you’re considering ordering our services, you may make your order now in USD and change your currency once support for your desired currency is released. Contact our customer support team if you wish to receive additional information about pricing for your desired currency.
  3. If you’re a current U.S. customer, none of these changes will affect your subscription. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff.


To visit our new Norwegian website, at donedot.no or click here. Once the GBP currency is released, British customers can find prices in their currency at donedot.co.uk.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new international customers!