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Features / Use cases / Appointment Booking

Make it easier to do business with online booking

Provide real value to your business and your customers by letting them book appointments online. You can also let customers sign up for scheduled events.

Customized setup

Add either one or multiple services and add-ons for customers to choose from

User accounts for managing bookings

Customers can set up accounts and view, cancel, or reschedule their bookings

*Requires the User Accounts add-on.

Other eCommerce add-ons

Our add-ons lets you sell both products and services online, specific to your industry

Online store

Sell products, digital assets, and subscriptions online


Sell stays on your site and share availability with travel agencies

Table reservations

Take reservations online and charge no-show fees

Simple employee management system

Employees can receive email notifications and log in to an employee portal to find details about scheduled appointments

Integrate with calendar

Coordinate availability using Google Calendar

Email notifications

Booking confirmations, reminders, and more sent automatically

Take payments

Accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and more

Advanced settings

Set booking deadlines, limits to # of bookings per day, and more



Make add-on services available with price and duration



Set attendance limits and add recurring events 

Grow your online business with SEO

All our sites are optimized for Google. View prices in search results, before entering.

Taxes and compliance

With several 3rd party integrations, sales/VAT taxes are calculated and charged automatically. We’ll also make sure that you stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Coupons and gifts

Issue discount coupons with conditional logic, so that it can be applied only to specific products or minimum payments. Coupons can be of a specific value or percentage.

Always satisfied, or money back

We are so confident that you will like your new website that we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee