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Custom domain email addresses

Get personalized email accounts for your business and your entire team

Why get a custom email address?

Branding and credibility

Make sure that your business is taken seriously


Use your custom email address for ads and business cards

Hiring and Scaling

Make sure your entire team gets a professional email account

Tech 101

Domain email. What is that?

Most individuals and small businesses use a major email client, such as Gmail, for sending and receiving emails. However, you might have noticed that some busineses have email addresses with their own name after the “@”, which is what we call their domain. As such, a domain email is an email address under your own domain, such as [email protected] It’s that simple.

View and send email through webmail

Use the provided webmail system to log in and view or send emails at any time, anywhere, and from any device.

Your own domain, free of charge

All of our plans include at least one .com domain. You can also select other top-level domains. Your domain is used for email addresses. 

Use an email reader client

Most computers, tablets, and smartphones comes with integrated email readers, and we recommend using them. 

Sync calendar events

Add your calendar to calendar apps and synchronize events and meetings across all your devices.

Get a customized email signature

Choose Pro, and we’ll design your professional email signature for you, fully customized to you and your business, with your logo, name, phone number, and all other relevant contact info

Let’s bring your business online. What do you say?

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Always satisfied, or money back

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