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Our Plans

Explore our selection of all-in-one marketing solutions.

Logo only

Get a fully customized logo for a
$199 one-time fee

Domain and Email Only

Get a domain and email accounts for

Making changes to your website

Your personal representative is here to help you make changes to your site. Have a look at our affordable rates.


Change opening hours and contact information


Make changes to your website, including text and images

Minor changes: $9
Larger changes: $19 to $89

Add a page or make design changes

New page for $99 + $10/yr
New design for $990

Add-On Features

Get the most out of your marketing package with add-ons designed to grow your business. 

Appointment Booking

Bring in new business with the appointment booking feature. Allow customers to easily book a time slot from the click of a button.

Online Store

Sell products and services your customers will love with the online store feature. Accept payments online and even accept pick-up orders. 

Your own domain, free of charge

All of our plans include at least one .com domain. You can also select other top-level domains.

Select your free domain


2nd+ domain for $19/y


2nd+ domain for $19/y


2nd+ domain for $19/y

If a domain and email accounts is all you need, go for our Domain and Email Only plan for just $199/y | GET STARTED

Featured Domains

.co ($39/yr)

.info ($29/yr)

.online ($59/yr)

.store ($99/yr)

.biz ($49/yr)

.bio ($99/yr)

Industry-Specific Domains

.accountants ($99/yr)

.agency ($39/yr)

.cleaning ($49/yr)

.construction ($49/yr)

.contractors ($49/yr)

.dental ($49/yr)

.engineering ($49/yr)

.florist ($49/yr)

.lighting ($49/yr)

.partners ($49/yr)

.plumbing ($49/yr)

.services ($49/yr)

Country-Specific Domains

.ae ($39/yr)

.ag ($149/yr)

.as ($119/yr)

.at ($39/yr)

.be ($39/yr)

.bz ($39/yr)

.ca ($39/yr)

.cc ($39/yr)

.ch ($29/yr)

.co ($29/yr) ($29/yr)