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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Find articles with more information in our Help Center.

I have a website. How do I switch to doneWebs?

If you already have a website, you will likely still benefit from a new one from doneWebs. Our focus is on making your website effective, providing real value to you and your customers by adding relevant features. If you choose to switch to doneWebs, we’ll build your website from scratch and transfer your existing domain to us.

If you’re switching service from a different provider, you can still place your order through our website. You can also call our sales team at (855) 344-8898, and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

How can I request changes to my site?

After placing an order, you will be assigned a permanent representative as your point of contact and the developer of your site. Whenever you need to reach us or make changes to your site, you can reach out to them directly using the contact information you receive from them after placing the order. You can also request changes from Control Panel using a simple form.

If you need to make urgent changes and your representative is unavailable, you can also call our customer service hotline at (855) 344-8898 and explain your situation. Our customer support will be happy to make urgent minor changes for you immediately.

Find information about pricing here.

What is the role of my personal representative?

Your personal representative will be the developer of your site, as well as your point of contact with doneWebs. They will have complete knowledge of your business and your website. You can contact your personal representative using the contact information provided after ordering a website. Please note that in order to speak with a representative over the phone, you must make a reservation. Use the link provided in emails after your order is complete.

Is there a term contract?

We’re all for flexibility. So no, there is no minimum term commitment on our subscriptions, and no penalty if you choose to cancel. However, if you cancel your site without pausing your subscription or purchasing the site for a fixed fee, both the site, its content, and your domain will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable. You can choose to pause your subscription or purchase the website for a fixed price. Contact us for more information.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

You can manage your subscription through your Control Panel. Use your account to view invoices, billing dates, update your payment method on file, and much more. You can also use your Control Panel to keep track of your website’s statistics and performance. However, to switch subscription plan, you must contact your personal representative or call our sales team at (855) 344-8898. Some sites can not be downgraded.

Can I accept payments online?

Yes, some of our subscription plans include online store and digital payment solutions. Specifically, you will need our Business or Pro subscription to use these features. Additional fees may apply. You can integrate a range of payment solutions, but we recommend Stripe and PayPal.

Payments can be accepted for product or service orders, appointment bookings, or existing invoices. We’re also happy to help set up your accounts with digital payment processing services such as those we have recommended above.

Can I get a personalized email address?

Yes! The Domain Email add-on, which lets you add email addresses connected to your domain (such as [email protected]) is included in all plans except for Basic. You can add up to 100 email accounts. Your accounts can be set up in email readers on both mobile devices and computers, such as Apple Mail and Outlook.

We recommend setting up an email account for all employees and at least one shared inbox. You can also ask us to set up aliases that will forward emails to a different address.

Are doneWebs sites compliant with GDPR and CCPA?

Yes, all our sites are compliant with all relevant privacy legislation, including the European General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act. 

Every website contains a banner informing the user that the site stores necessary cookies in their browser. If your website is set up with advanced analytics add-ons, users will also have the ability to deactivate non-necessary cookies straight from your website. doneWebs’ Privacy Policy is applicable to all of our client websites. If you wish to add your own Privacy Policy, you may do so by sending it to your personal representative during the development process.

If doneWebs receives privacy-related complaints on your behalf, you will be informed.

Is hosting and domain included in doneWebs subscriptions?

Good question! Yes, it is. While some providers require you to get your own hosting and domain provider, or charge additional fees for these services, they are included in all doneWebs subscriptions. A .com domain is also always included, and you can choose from a range of other domains as well. Some of them are free, while others will require additional fees. Ask your representative or our customer service for further details on specific top-level domain pricing.

I already have a domain. Can I use it with doneWebs?

Yes, we’re happy to transfer your domain to us for a small $35 one-time fee. Assuming your domain is a .com domain, no additional annual fees will be charged. Most other top-level domains are also included in your subscription. However, to confirm pricing for your domain, contact customer support.

How long does it take for my website to be ready?

We build sites quickly. With some of our plans, you can get your first draft in as little as 24 hours. Once you have received your draft, you can request changes before publishing. Depending on whether you need to transfer a domain, add advanced features, or provide additional content, it could take a bit longer to publish your site. Most of our customers have their site live within 2 weeks, but some in as little as a day.

Can I make changes to my website on my own?

Yes, but you need our Pro subscription with the Self-Edit Access add-on to do so. However, we don’t recommend this option unless you consider yourself tech-savy and capable of using a more advanced web design and content management tool.

We’re happy to make changes for you. Learn more about pricing here.

I need advanced features. Where do I begin?

The Pro plan is probably the right one for you. With this subscription, we’ll help you build advanced custom features through the help of a 3rd party developer. Development costs are not included in your monthly subscription, but we’ll manage billing with the 3rd party developer on your behalf and keep the process as seamless as possible.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact our sales team at (855) 344-8898.

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