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Jun 30, 2021

Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Written by Julia Bailey

As a business owner, you always need to be willing to find new ways to connect with your audience and reach potential customers. Blogging has remained a consistently great option to share in-depth information about your business and the products and services you offer.

Having a website alone isn’t enough these days to separate you from the competition. Try blogging to connect with your customers, speak in-depth about your business, and create an environment that encourages discussion. Ready to get started? 

What is a blog?

You may be wondering, what is a blog? To be fair, it’s a common question asked by businesses across all industries.  A blog is a website, or page on your website, that allows for casual communication between you and your audience. Blog posts are informal, yet informative, and are usually formatted with a conversational tone (just like what you’re reading now!). 

What should I write about?

Now that you know what a blog is, you may be wondering what you should write about. The content of your blog is dependent on your industry. Write articles relevant to your customers or potential customers that could stumble across your blog. Connect with your readers by sharing the backstory of your business or even your future plans. Write about customer success stories or recent projects that you are proud of.  You can write about what separates you from your competitors and why customers should choose you over the competition. Though the possibilities are endless, just remember that blogging will allow customers to get to know you more. Keep the content professional and relevant.

Is blogging right for my business?

At doneWebs, we recommend a blog to all of our clients, but there are a few important key factors to keep in mind before starting the blogging pursuit. Determine if a blog is suitable for your business by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you able to keep up a consistent posting schedule? We recommend keeping your posts on a regular schedule for consistency purposes. Blogging regularly can also drive more traffic to your site!
  • Do you have the time to create quality content? Creating content that is informative and meaningful is crucial for engagement and encouraging new visitors to your blog. It’s better to post less regularly if that means the content will be more insightful and useful to your audience.
  • What will I write about? Have an idea of the type of content you will be posting on your blog and how you plan to vary your articles to keep things interesting.
  • How will I promote my blog? When first starting your blog, it’s important to let your existing clients know that it exists! Share your posts across social media platforms (hey cross-promotion!) so customers can easily find your articles. As for new readers? Consider advertising to promote your site and your blog.
  • Are you willing to learn and adapt? Creating a successful blog is no easy feat but you don’t have to be the most popular blogger to reap the benefits of a blog. Figure out what content your audience enjoys reading and stick with it! If they like it, new visitors to the blog will be sure to like it, too.

Blogging can be beneficial for businesses of all kinds. Creating a blog with quality content, posting regularly, and keeping your target audience in mind are just a few ways to become successful in the blogging world. By remaining consistent and posting quality content, you can climb the ranks on search engines, connect with customers and visitors, and encourage exploration across your site. Blogging takes time and effort—but if you are willing to invest it, you can reap some amazing rewards.

Are you interested in starting a blog? The doneWebs team can design the perfect website (and blog!) for your business. Learn more at


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